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The quality standards are maintained by scrupulously following the procedures on every stage of aqua-farming cycle.

Our fish breeding expert selects the best of young Siberian sturgeon. The selected juveniles are being wild-raised in pristine natural lakes until the third stage of the farming process hence the natural environmental conditions are ensured.

During the breeding stage we use only exclusively high quality food produced by Germany in compliance with the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The standard ensures the quality of each individual component of the feed and every batch of the finished product is tested and marked accordingly. The food is free of Genetically Modified components and any unapproved ingredients. The nutritional formula of the food is equal to the natural ration of sturgeon in a clean natural ecosystem.

During the third riping stage of farming cycle we reallocate the mature female fish in specially treated water. The condition of the water of the final stage is the key factor to ensure the quality of the roe. To explain in a few words – the water is technically restructured without any chemical intrusion so that its oxygen levels and mild salinity simulates the conditions similar to natural freshwater benthic habitat of the Siberian sturgeon. That kind of water and stress-free environment ensures the farm-raised fish produce the eggs identic to the natural aroma and flavour of wild-harvested roe.

Being a feast of flavour caviar should not be overlooked as a source of minerals and vitamins promoting a healthy nervous, circulatory and immune system. Our technology ensures there are no pesticides, added hormones or antibiotics in breeding so the final product is clean and healthy.

We perform continuous monitoring of mature female fish using ultrasound and biopsy methods to assess egg quality and most appropriate timing for harvest. It is important to catch the right moment, when each egg has reached its maximum size, while still preserving its firm texture. CAVR has distinct texture feeling how eggs separate on your tongue, they pop in mouth and sparkle as diamonds on the table.

The harvesting, further preparation and packaging of caviar in vacuum tins takes place in certified facilities, under strong control of biosecurity standards, where no individual tours are permitted to ensure sanitary safety following the best practice of fish farming industry.

Besides everything mentioned above, we are passionate about caviar and what we do. We are delighted to offer CAVR to our customers and partners as an achievement of human passion, combined with knowledge of nature, traditions of taste and innovative use of traditional technologies.

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