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We do not divide our product into categories because we believe that there must be only one category – the highest quality. We were determined to develop the farming method ensuring the final product is consistently perfect. The beads of sturgeon roe of must have delicately firm texture and subtly salty flavor with a distinct minerality and an aroma of the sea. Today we are proud to claim that CAVR has established the method how the farm-raised roe regains its classic natural flavour and excellent nutritious qualities to meet the expectations of the most experienced fine dining experts.


Our caviar contains the minimums amount of salt (2.6–2.8% according to the Malossol technology). Experts say that a good caviar should have constant permanent flavour with at least 15 different shades of it – by each following bite you should flavour new nuance. We say the shades could probably depend on place, company and mood, however our caviar will guarantee the expected bursting senses and flavour to develop on your tongue followed by long lingering aftertaste.

The general idea of our method is simple and logical, however it was not simple to be solved technically – we recreate conditions identic to those ones the fish used to inhabit before food processing industries overexploited the environment. The other important component is detection of maturity of the fish. Our technology enables to monitor literary every fish and carefully select the moment of harvest when the size of beads has reached 2,4 – 3,0 millimetres in diameter. We harvest the roe in the very right moment, as a result the delicate tapioca pearls of our caviar with rich nut aroma and firm texture will add sophistication and elegance to a delightful variety of menu and will meet the most impeccable standards.

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