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We have spent a lot of time, maximum effort, patience and considerable deal of innovation to ensure our product has become what it is – farm-raised caviar with supreme quality of wild-harvested roe which used to be ultimate symbol of aristocratic elegance.

Since 1800s and high demand in early 20th century when it was introduced to the mainstream aristocracy the sturgeon population suffered from overfishing and became nearly extinct. As the result of industrial and aquafarming boom the quality of water in natural reservoirs has declined. The application of modern aquaculture technologies with our own innovative developments allow us to avoid the dependency on fluctuations of water quality in natural reservoirs, ensuring the consistent quality of our caviar.

In order to guarantee the constant level of top quality of the roe, the female fish at certain stage of maturity are removed from the natural water reservoirs to closed re-circulating aquaculture system (RAS). The water is supplied to the system from artesian well and additionally processed through innovative treatment system developed on basis of the oxygen purification technology. As a result with no addition of any chemical substances, basically by imitating the physical processes in nature, the oxygen structure and mildness of the water is improved identical to natural habitat of sturgeon. We apply the re-circulating aquaculture system (RAS) recognised widely in aquaculture industries advanced with our own innovative oxygen based purification system.

As a result, our fish enjoy the purest and most favourable freshwater conditions during the maturing stage when approaching the moment of harvest, eliminating any need to use hormones, antibiotics or any chemical food supplements except for the best feed in the European market.

Our custom-made tanks and water treatment facilities are designed to leave no damaging impact to the environment. We understand the importance of taking extra care of the environment as it is the greatest legacy we are going to leave to the following generations. In our opinion neither technology nor product could be so precious if leaving empty desert behind. Our facilities and technology are environmentally friendly and in future we intend to keep the ecological factor as key element of further innovations and developments.

The water treatment technology is patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent number US 8,728,310 B1 was issued May 20, 2014.

We will be glad to share our knowledge with fish breeding professionals. Feel free to contact for consulting services, optimization of your project or development of project from scratch.

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