1. Privacy policy

1.1. This Privacy Policy is intended as Caviars Factory Trade Latvijas Filiāle, registration number: 40103955861, address: 7a Matrozu street, Riga LV-1048 Latvia (hereinafter – the Seller) collects, uses and processes the personal information provided by the Buyer on the Seller’s website.

1.2. This Privacy Policy applies to the Seller’s website www.cavr.lv (hereinafter – the website), owned and managed by the Seller.

1.3. This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use, publication, transfer and storage of personal data of Buyers or users of this website.

2. Data acquisition and use

2.1. Information is considered to be personal data, which the Seller receives from the Buyer, with the consent of the Seller and the Buyer, in order to comply with the terms of the concluded agreement, as well as to further contact the Buyer.

2.2. The acquisition of customer data takes place when the Buyer provides contact information or other data on this Internet site.

2.3. All Customers’ personal data is confidential, except as described in the regulatory enactments.

2.4. The seller also collects other data that is not relevant to a specific person - gender, age, language of communication, country of residence - collected for statistical purposes only.

2.5. By using the data obtained, the Seller may inform the Buyer about the goods, events and news related to the website.

2.6. At any time, the Buyer can delete his name from the target group list if he does not want information about the product, events and news.

2.7. The buyer's data is used for the delivery of goods and fulfillment of obligations arising from the purchase contract.

2.8. The seller undertakes to do his utmost to ensure proper data security.

3. Changes in data

3.1. Customer data can be viewed on the website, section My account.

3.2. The seller undertakes to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the customer data obtained.

3.3. The Buyer informs the Seller about the change of data via the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4. Access to data

4.1. The Seller may disclose Buyer Data if there is reason to believe that:

4.1.1. this information is necessary for the identification, detection or prosecution of a person who may cause any harm to another person or to the Seller, endangering his rights, property or activity, and to expose such and similar risks to other users of the website and/or persons;

4.1.2. this should be done in the light of the requirements of the regulatory enactments or if requested by the competent authorities;

4.2. The buyer, upon submitting a written request, is entitled to receive the following information:

4.2.1. what information was obtained about him, source of data when the last data changes were made;

4.2.2. for what purpose data processing and details of the recipients of data were performed.

5. Using Internet Protocol addresses

5.1. An IP address is a string of numbers that is automatically assigned to a computer every time a user logs in to their internet service provider, then the IP address can automatically identify the user's computer.

5.2. The seller can collect these addresses for system administration and website audit purposes. The seller does not have the purpose of adding the user's IP address to his or her personally identifying information, which means that every user's session is registered, but the user himself remains anonymous.

5.3. Seller may use these IP addresses to identify users of the site in situations when it is considered necessary to ensure their behavior complies with the site's terms of use or to protect the website or other users.

6. Cookies

6.1. Cookies are small text files that provide information on how often a user visits a website and what exactly the user is doing during his session. Cookies do not contain any personally identifying information, but if the user provides such information himself, this information can be combined with the data contained in the cookie.

6.2. The seller may place cookies in user computer browsers.

7. Security

7.1. The seller uses secure data systems and, if necessary, is also ready to take additional security measures to protect user data from disappearance, misuse and modification.

7.2. Access to the information entrusted to the user of the website is restricted to specially authorized Seller's employees. The seller takes protective measures, but can not fully guarantee that there will be no loss of data, misuse or alteration of data.

8. Binding conditions

By endorsing personal data and/or other personal information, users of the website assert that they are bound by these privacy policy conditions and they acknowledge that the Seller is entitled to handle this information in cases and in the extent defined in this document.

9. Changes

9.1. These privacy terms can be restored at any time, and users are therefore encouraged to become familiar with them on a regular basis.

10. Shipment

10.1. The shipment will be accounted with a proper accompanying invoice.

10.2. During the week shipment takes place within 48 working hours after the receipt of the order for major urban centers, 72 working hours for remote areas. Orders received on weekends are sent the following Monday.

10.3. We deliver in special isotermal packaging with cooling elements to ensure that the cold chain is maintained until the caviar is delivered.

10.4. Delivery to Riga and Jurmala is free of charge, for the delivery prices inside EU/ worldwide please contact the seller This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +37127489693

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7a Matrozu street,
Riga, Latvia,

SIA Fish Project
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VAT No. LV40203204583

Exclusive Representative
in Luxembourg
Oliver Leontyev
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Good caviar from good people

Andrei Tjutjunnik

Andrey is the person with whom the story of CAVR actually begins. He is the person who has put the milestone and built the way to deliver the brand to your doorsteps.

The history of our product began twenty years ago. Andrey remembers how vividly he recalled his childhood memories of eating caviar – the sensational burst of slightly salty, refreshing flavour. As adult he kept wondering why the flavour and sensation was not the same and whether it was just child’s idealised impression impossible to reperform. By analysing the history of caviar and researching the specific developments of the industry he became eager to improve the technology and bring back the natural flavour and quality of caviar as it used to be when harvested in wild nature.

The development of the know-how did not happen in one day, Andrey kept focusing on water purification and structural issues, considering these as one of the most essential factors affecting fish life cycle and quality of the roe. Basically he wanted to find a way how to achieve crystal purity of water without destroying it’s natural balance of minerals and keeping oxygen structure identical to clean natural freshwater environment.

He is definitely sure that the innovative method he has developed ensures and guarantees the caviar by CAVR is constantly and indisputably among the most excellent caviars existing in the market.

Anastasia Tjutjunnik

Marketing and sales

Having graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences she claims that it is here and now where she has found her true calling. She is driven by a strong belief that any business at the end of the day is built on interpersonal relationships. Thanks to Anastasia’s sense of responsibility and ability to establish mutual respect and understanding our customers can always be sure that best possible deal will be arranged. As natural born communicator she handles the main client relationship procedures – she knows the importance of listening and understands client’s expectations. She pays attention to every detail and regards every customer as a distinctive long term business partner.

Our business is backed up by three elephants: – innovative environment-friendly technology; – the highest quality of product; – professional team of enthusiasts.

These three main elements ensure the working with us is a pleasure.

We get positive response about the quality of our product all the time. Probably that is the greatest motivator to perfect what we produce even more. We strongly believe in the authentic aspects of our product so that every person who tries it once would fall in love with it forever.

Enjoyment of caviar is an intimate and subjective experience. At least for me it always was ever since I tried it first in my childhood. The love for it starts with taste, but grows ever greater once one learns about the many aspects of its versatile nature and rich tradition. When buying caviar we celebrate the finest of foods. This celebration should bring pure pleasure as that is why we call it a delicacy. I would like to share this pleasure with you.

We will be happy to receive your feedback. Try it and share your experience with us.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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